Toysinbox 3D Printing

Printing & Modeling

We offer

  • 3D printing service (max build size 16" x 16" x 21", fast turnaround, min order $35, email for a quote )
  • 3D modeling, function design service
  • 3D printing consultation
  • 3D logo design & 3d print
  • 3D ceramic/porcelain/rubber/candy mold design & print
  • Industrial mold design & prototype
  • 3D design & 3print large cosplay items, sports gear and architectural buildings
  • 3D printing personalization
  • Problem solving with clients using 3D printing design and build customized 3D printer

fun 3D prints


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Come and get fantastic 3D printing objects for yourself and your loved ones! Start talking about 3D printing !